Once upon a time.....

In 1994, Kid Studio was born out of passion, a line of premium kids wear started by Jagat and his wife Medha.
That passion has now transferred itself to a small but dedicated team of designers, craftsmen and women and marketers.

Seed of the process

At Kid Studio, we are inspired by children and the value and love that they bring into our lives. We are committed to give the best we can to children all over the world. It’s our way of telling them ‘Thanks’ for all the happiness that they bring to this world.

Our words, our value

Kid Studio doesn’t believe in fast fashion, instead, we focus on each of our products and minute detailing. For us, comfort for kids matters the most. We swear by the phrase- quality over quantity, and put our best to cater to the needs of the fashion-conscious little ones.

From sketch to store

We design the clothes at Kid Studio keeping in mind that it should please both kids and mothers. Creating vibrant and colourful outfits, experimenting with prints and patterns, we translate the latest trends in Kid Studio garments with a touch of our signature detailing.
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