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Buying someone a gift can be very challenging particularly for children. And no matter how good you think you are in buying gifts, there can be a slight misjudgement when choosing a colour or size. Luckily, in the case of a gift card, there's a way around that, because it puts control in the hands of the receiver to pick a present of their choice.

If you are uncertain about purchasing a gift card as a present, here are five reasons to help you choose:


Most of the people usually know in advance what they want to buy. It is just a matter of having the funds to do so. Being able to pick your gift is actually fun and more thoughtful. This makes the idea of gift cards even more favourable. Send your dearest and nearest ones a Gift Card from Kid Studio and let them choose their favourites from our online store.

Convenient to buy

You don’t want your loved ones to get caught into an exchange process. Because unlike receiving a gift and to return it due to size concerns can be stressful sometimes. This is why we have made something which is simpler, easier, and convenient. Just a few clicks to buy. Isn’t it more attractive? All you need to do is, select a Gift Card with your choice of amount, add to the cart, and complete the payment.

Convenient to redeem

Apply the 14-digit code received in the gift card during the checkout process. The gift card amount will be deducted from the total outstanding amount.

More personal

Admit it. We all love personalized presents. A thoughtful gift speaks of a certain level of personalization. But choosing the right gift can be daunting. This is why we introduced gift cards. You can even add a personalized text written on it. A small gesture of personalization and thoughtfulness can work wonders!

Saves time

If you are planning to buy presents for a lot of people, like a dozen or more nieces and nephews, you can plan a certain amount for each gift card. This also avoids debates over which cousin got the better gift since all get the same amount of money. And it saves a lot of your shopping time too.

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