Alternative Bottoms for Boys to Try This Winter


We all agree that 'Denim is a love that never fades,' especially for kids. But that does not imply that they should not try other alternatives to Denim Jeans for boys.

From the age of 3-years, your boy starts to understand his personality, and clothes play an active role in it. We understand that you want to purchase versatile clothes for them, that you can pair up with everything like jeans, but you should also introduce them to alternative bottoms. Jeans are amazing & there is no doubt about that, but it is okay to replace them with something more cool & stylish. 

Winter is upon us now, and it is the best time to try these alternative bottoms for boys. 

1- Chinos Trousers:

Chinos, also known as 'Pantaloons Chinos by Spanish, have lighter fabric & finer finish compared to the Khakis, which will make your kids comfortable. Chinos are relaxed, easy to style, and look great with anything.

Chinos Trousers

How to style them

These boys' trousers are best for events where your boy can pair them with shirts. And they are also a great choice for casual outings where they can pair them with a trendy graphic t-shirt or polo shirt.

2- Corduroy Pants:

These corduroy pants were quite famous in the '70s, and now they are back in trend, and we're sure that your kids can rock these. Once, Julian Lloyd Jones- the founder of East London tailor Casual Fitters said that 'Corduroy is a great choice of winter fabric due to its sturdiness and warmth.'

Corduroy Pants

And we agree with him, corduroy pants are tough, yet still soft & supple, which is best for winter. On top of that, they bring more life to the otherwise bland outfit.

How to style them

Pair them with any basic Black or White T-shirt or Shirt. They look great with these monochrome colours. Add a bomber jacket for extra warmth and some loafers or sneakers to complete the look.

3- Denim Joggers:

Boys' Joggers pants are quite a trend right now. Because who wouldn't like the comfort of joggers with the look of denim?? When your kids do not want to get out of their sweatpants, this will be the perfect alternative to convince them to dress up. They definitely do not fall in the category of formals, but these denim joggers can be effortlessly styled for different occasions.

Denim Joggers

How to style them

There are no. of things you can pair your boys' denim joggers with, and all of them will help your kid look stylish. You can either pair it with a plain white T-shirt and sneakers or a boys' shirt, jacket and blazer.

4- Sweatpants:

Sweatpants!! Okay, do we don't have to tell you how comfortable they are actually. Maybe in the summer, your kids wear boys’ shorts or boys Bermuda around the house, but now that the temperature is dropping, you should advise them to switch to sweatpants. They are made of knitted cotton or cotton-polyester blend, and they will keep your kids nice and warm on chilly days.


How to style them 

Since your boy will most probably wear sweatpants at home, you can pair them with some trendy comfortable T-shirts.

5- Cargo Pants:

Back in the '90s, cargo pants were very popular among the youngsters, and they are back after so many years. This '90s boyband staple has now taken neater features with a more fitted look and regimented pockets. And we can assure you that once your boys will try these pants, there is no going back. He will love it and will always prefer it.  

Cargo Pants

How to style them

When you are purchasing cargo trousers, make sure they do not have many pockets. Now style them with a T-shirt and a bomber jacket and some nice boots. This pair is the best alternative for any occasion.  

 Introduce these bottoms to your boys this winter, and they will rock any event effortlessly without looking boring. Do not spend hours wandering the stores or scrolling through different online shopping websites when you can find all these boy's pants on Kidstudio.

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