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We have rounded up some of the most innovative, creative, and helpful ideas that show will you how to turn ordinary items of clothing into something very adorable.

Shirt into Dress

We are sure your baby girl is going to love this dress! A shirt has been transformed into a stylish girls dress that any girl would love:

  • Put your daughter’s dress on top of the shirt.
  • Outline it with chalk.
  • Cut the outline of the dress for your future reference
  • Sew the edges, shoulders, and sleeves.
  • Sew the neck, collar, and hem.
  • Decorate the dress with some extra needlework, sparkles, or a belt.

Sweatshirt to T-Shirt

One of the good things about transforming adults’ tops into kids' clothes isn't having to hem! Adult-sized sweatshirts are the proper size for creating a child’s dress. To urge the dimensions perfect for your baby, you may have to use a dress they already wear to use because of the pattern. With the addition of a brand-new neckline from another sweatshirt, you've got a cute and comfortable dress that's easy to play in.

  • First, lay that shirt down on the table, smoothing it out so the bottom of the front and back match up.
  • Then grab a dress that currently fits your intended recipient and lay it over the shirt.
  • Cut the sweatshirt into the tshirt
  • Sew the corners

Stretchy Shirt into Kids Leggings

Turn all of these old stretch t-shirts into kids' leggings. These leggings are simple to create and ultra-comfy to wear.

  • Fold your shirt in half, lining up the bottom hem
  • Smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Fold your kid’s leggings in half and line up the bottom of the leggings with the bottom of the shirt.
  • Mark the area
  • Cut out the leggings.
  • Sew together
  • Create a seam that is 1/4 inch from the top folded edge
  • Cut elastic of the size of the waist
  • Insert the elastic in a seam using a safety pin

Tshirts into skirts

Transforming old shirts into skirts doesn't get any easier. They only take 10-minutes so you'll have many times to prepare a brand-new wardrobe of skirts:

  • Lay the shirt in front of you and make sure the bottom hem along the front and the back are lined up evenly
  • The shirt hem as your new skirt hem
  • Determine the length of the skirt and then add 1/2 inches
  • Measure up from the bottom of the shirt and cut off at your needed measurement
  • Sew together
  • Create a seam that is 1/4 inch from the top folded edge
  • Cut elastic of the size of the waist
  • Insert the elastic in a seam using a safety pin

These are some DIY tricks you can try to make clothes for your kids from your own. But if you are not very much into sewing and stitching, we’ve got your back. Kid Studio offers a wide and colorful range of trendy kids wear at extremely affordable rates. Also, we have an offer you cannot resist – Buy 2 Get 2 Free! Hurry up!

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