Timeless tips to help dress your little ones


The best kids wear ideas

A new season means new looks, and we couldn’t be more excited. But what are you going to do when it's cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cold in the night again? The trick of putting together a trendy kids’ outfit begins with chic basics. Our best kids style tips on what to wear for winter are here:

Ways to style girls t-shirts

Millennial parents love to add fresh tees and tops to their kids' clothing range. But to choose the best from among a lot of great options can be tricky. How about we get half your work done? Pick up any Kid Studio girls t-shirt, and you will end up loving all of them! Graphic tees are typically considered casual apparel which most kids prefer nowadays. Take it from us, dress them up in their favourite tee - tuck it into their denim skirt or make them wear it under a blazer, and she is going to define trendy and stylish!

A jacket + denim is one of our favourite ways of styling a graphic girls' t-shirt. Goodbye casual and hello edgy- The t-shirt + denim combination to transform her look.

Choose the best – frocks and jumpsuits

Kid Studio frocks and jumpsuits are quite easy to carry throughout the day. They’ll give your baby girl an instant classy look as well. They can be a great choice of clothes for casual outings or even birthday parties. These amazing girls' dresses and jumpsuits are designed to make your little princess look no less than a show stopper. The best part is the ease of wearing these dresses. Shop now at Kid Studio and make your little Cinderella stand out!

Black dresses and tops

Wardrobe without a black dress? Seems impossible! Why you ask? Because you can always rely on a black dress as a wardrobe staple and that is why we suggest everybody should have at least one in their closet, even for their kids. Seriously, is there anything more fashionable than the perfect black dress or girls black top? Black does not have to be bland. There are plenty of ways to style your kid up with black. Kid Studio black dresses are simple to wear, and always on-trend, so why not give it a shot?

Graphic tee adventure!

Who doesn’t love graphic tees? Our themed t-shirts will make sure your baby boy will rock the look wherever he goes. You can create a memorable style statement that can be combined with our popular trousers or pants, shorts or even khaki pants. An imaginative and fun-loving outfit, with its rich illustrations, will definitely gain a lot of attention among kids.

Pockets aplenty

It’s 2020, and cargo pants still define the coolness factor of kids. Side cargo pockets have seen a monumental return to the fashion trend. Kid Studio’s premium boys joggers, with cargo pockets all around make them cool and super functional. And to be honest, kids really enjoy them. The pockets are back, and they're here to stay this time.

Have some amazing tips on kids fashion to share? We would love to listen to your thoughts!

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