'90s Crop Tops are Back in Trend


90's Crop Tops

'Vintage Fashion is the New Modern Fashion.' 

All the '70s, '80s, and '90s trends are now coming back in fashion. Be it corduroy pants & jackets from the '70s, high-waist jeans from the '80s, and crop tops from the '90s- these styles are the most hyped street and runway fashion in our current times.

Interestingly, this trend is not just limited to the adults-only; even the little ones are rocking these statement pieces. Your kids are much more fashion-forward than you can imagine; you just need to introduce them to the current trends, and they will carry it confidently. 

'90s Style Crop Tops

With all the throwback from the '90s trending right now, it was inevitable that the cute crop tops will make a comeback. 

As a parent, you should not keep your little princess from styling herself in this statement piece boldly. It will allow them to experiment with their fashion choices, and then they can decide whether they like it or not. It will help develop their overall personality, that to a very stylish one. 

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These fun cropped tops are now available in numerous styles & designs with ruffles, fringes, floral prints, tropical prints, bohemian prints, and much more. If you are yet to introduce the '90s crop tops to your cute little girls, now is the best time to do it as the New Year is here. 

The New Year is the best time to update your kids' wardrobe with crop top fashion. Kidstudio offers a wide range of crop tops for girls, which you can shop from our online store.

How to Style Crop Tops

You might believe that crop tops are only for summer. It’s time to break that misconception.We’ll show you how you can style your girls' crop tops throughout the year.

Let's see how we can style a crop top in different ways for different seasons:

Crop Top with Jeans:

In the '90s, the crop top was mostly paired with high-rise jeans; it the best combo for the cold days. Your girl can pair up this black crop top with these stunning jeans, and she can also carry a cute little cardigan. Make sure you also add some cute Mary Jane shoes.

Crop Top Jeans

Crop Top underneath Romper:

Rompers and crop tops are the best summer outfits, and there is no doubt about it. Well, you can only imagine how comfortable they will be when paired together. A simple plain white crop top with the bold floral print romper is the most comfortable and visually appealing outfit your girl can wear effortlessly.

Crop Top Romper

Crop Top with Skirt:

If your girl loves skirts, we totally understand as they are every girl’s first choice. Pairing a floral off-shoulder crop top with a plain olive skirt is like a cherry on top of the cake. We can assure you that your pretty little girl will definitely fall in love with this outfit. 

Crop Top Skirt

Crop Top with Shorts:

For casual outings, denim shorts are probably the best choice for your kids. Pairing them with a red crop top is both fashionable and comfortable. Top it off with some cool sneakers, and voila, a stunning outfit is now ready.

Crop Top Shorts

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Kidstudio is coming up with a whole new collection of crop tops soon, so stay tuned.  

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