Best Travel Clothes Ideas for Kids


Best Travel Clothes for Kids

Alrighty!! So, are you guys ready to travel with your kids again?? 

If yes, then you should consider adding a few style staples while packing your kids' bag.

Like every other parent, you for sure would love to dress up your kids fashionably, and your favourite pastime must be shopping for your kids' clothing. So, what can be a better occasion than the upcoming vacation for shopping some more? Shop from the online kids wear store- Kid Studio; we have a wide range of children's clothes, which are comfortable and stylish at the same time, and perfect for your kids’ next vacation. 

If you are running out of ideas on the best travel clothes for kids, here are a few outfits that you should definitely pack in your kids' bag as they are all things practical, comfortable, and stylish:


Joggers are probably the most comfortable pair of trousers for kids, especially for traveling. So make sure to pack a pair or two of Joggers. Girls in Jogger pants or even Boys in Jogger pants can rock their vacation look. Some of them are in Sweatpants material, while some are available in Jeans; choose what your kids like the best.

Boys Jogger PantsGirls  Jogger

How to Style:

You can pair joggers with a plain T-shirt or any shirt, whichever your child likes the best. If it is cold outside, you can throw on a bomber jacket or even a leather jacket to make it even more voguish 


Kids in shorts will totally set the vibe right for the vacation feel. Shorts are the coolest piece of apparels when it comes to holidays, and that just gives you more and more reasons to pack a pair. If you are heading to the beach or the mountains, shorts are simply the best.

Boys ShortsGirls Shorts

How to Style:

If you are going for a vacation vibe, then you should opt for a fun and colourful T-shirt or Shirt, or in the case of girls, go for a ruffled or floral top and pair it with girls' denim shorts.

Graphic T-shirt:

Every parent should include some cool graphic T-shirts for kids in their closet. Some fun & quirky quotes on the T-shirts for kids are a huge trend right now. You must've seen something like 'Mom's way or highway' quotes on a T-shirt. Just imagine how cool it would look when your kid will wear T-shirts with such quotes on. Here’s a little tip- you can get the ‘Mom’s way or the highway’ t-shirt on our website-

Boys Graphic T-shirtGirls Graphic T-shirt

How to Style:

You have so many options available when you are styling your kids in graphic T-shirts. They can wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, joggers or even with capris. Make sure you choose a half-sleeves T-shirt for vacation; this outfit will be the best travel wear. 


Jeans are the most versatile & comfortable pair of bottoms for kids. Your kid can wear jeans to any event whatsoever and turn some heads around! Kids in jeans are an everlasting trend! They know that when they are dressed in jeans, they are going to have a pretty good time!

Boys JeansGirls Jeans

How to Style:

You can pair anything and everything with jeans. Just make sure you choose cool jeans for the kid when you are shopping for them.

Make sure you pack enough warm clothes for your kids; it might get cold at night, but make sure that they are comfortable so that your kids can enjoy themselves. 

Check out the whole range of Kids Clothes online at Kid Studio.

If you find our ideas helpful or have any other suggestions; kindly comment down below.

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