Activities for kids in Coronavirus quarantine


Quarantine/social distancing is a challenging time for all of us especially kids. If you stop them from going out, they will stick to the mobiles and televisions. Parents remain busy with their work and ignore the fact that their kids have higher than required screen-time. But current scenario of Coronavirus quarantine can be an opportunity to let them experience exciting indoor games which they didn’t get a chance to play before:

Write a letter

Technologies have killed letters and cards, why not let our kids experience the essence of letters. Break out the envelopes, the stamps, pens, and paper. Let’s do this in an old-fashion way. Teach them to write a letter to someone they love – a family member or a friend who lives far away.

Video calling your family members

Well, Indian families do have a reunion day in a week where the whole bunch get together and celebrate togetherness. But with coronavirus quarantine and lockdown, we do not know when there will be the next family reunion. Why worry when we have video-calling to bridge this social distancing gap. It is another meaningful way to connect with family and friends while practicing “social distancing.” You can also use it to check on family members too.

Do some cleaning or organizing

Cleaning isn’t a fun activity for many kids but with the whole family staying together 24*7, the house is bound to get messypretty quickly. But you can make the cleaning, fun!

Indulge in a sibling-competition of who will able to clean their cupboards faster. Reward themfor their efforts.
Carve out a few minutes, even if it’s just 15, and you will able to see the difference.

Bring in the board games

Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and even Chess. Every kid could benefit from learning the mind strategies of Chess.

Solve a puzzle game together

Break out the Jigsaw puzzle or a build a detective plot to solve together (A classic version of Chor-Police).

Keep calm and paint

Grab some canvases, brushes, and paints, and have paint games.

Write in a diary

Teach your kids the importance of writing down their thoughts.

Make a swing

Indoor swing is the way on how we can creatively use home furniture for fun activities.

Reading books

Books help kids to boost their creativity even way better than YouTube or Buzzfeed articles. Give them a tangible book, let them flip through the pages, look at the illustrations and read them.

Making forts (Ghar – Ghar)

Kids have an imaginative mind and you can see that through things they make. If they are not aware of it, teach them how to make a house or a fort out of cloth. It is incredibly fun as the sofas and chairs take the shape of pillars or support system.
This is an ideal time to bond with your kids, which many of you miss-out due to your professional life. Make the most of it!

Let’s beat Covid-19 together. #StaySafeAtHome

[Note: We are advising everyone to stay home as long as possible, self-isolate or practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.]

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