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Appealing and stylish, Kid Studio is the brand for your son. Spruce up your kid's attire with colorful and funky collection of boys wear. The snazzy styles include denims, jeans, trousers, shirts, tshirts, etc. Kids are born to glow and shine and we are here to incorporate more to his personality.

Boys T-shirts

Boys tshirts at Kid Studio comes in all types of hues, from bright shades to more neutral ones! These t-shirts are made up of cotton fabric and have elastane rib at the neck for extra comfort. Which means one thing is sure, you are going to fall in love with all of them and so is your kid. The fabulously bright and funky prints like ones with the jungle safari, whales, sea creatures, is a perfect kid material with each of these prints narrating an interesting story to him.

We also currently have these Live Aloha, Jungle Boogie, Road Trip, and Dinoroar theme boys wear. It appears as if we have all the items of comfy clothing for your boy to loll around the park or in his imaginary world. While it is not possible to travel yet, with us by your side, there's still always a possibility of the odd shower of fashionable clothes once you plan to shop. Choice is yours!

Boys shirts

Style your boy just like a hero by getting him a marvellous collection of shirts of varying prints and colors. From casual shirts to graphic designs on them, each incorporates a modish look that is top-notch. It will be a worthy addition to his wardrobe!

Shorts & Bermuda

There’s nothing about summers that you cannot love, especially summer clothes. It’s that time of the year when you do not need to worry about layering up or carrying an umbrella. And with kids enjoying summer vacations, spending most of the time playing, we find a glimpse of summer fashion in each of them. Summer vacation implies summer camps, workshops, and a day-long of playing. Every day! This suggests you ought to pull together your child’s wardrobe with some breezy summer clothes that are perfect playtime outfits.

Tees, cotton/denim shorts, and flip flops. If your boy isn’t much of a dress-lover, you can get him a pair of denim shorts with an adjustable waistband. Pair this up with a printed tshirt that reflects the summer vibe. You can choose a travel-themedT-shirt with shorts.


Trousers are the foremost versatile fashion wear for boys.Contrary to its sometimes-stuffy connotations, corduroys/trousersare brilliant when dressed down and worn casually. Try teaming a pair of dark corduroy trousers with a sweatshirt and an easy-going pair of shoes. Or at-shirt and top with an overshirt or denim jacket for an effortlessly cool evening look.


The beauty of the jogger pant lies is 2 things. They’re dressed-up sweatpants, meaning your boy can wear it formerly too. Joggers are comfy pants thatcan be wornout of the house, and still, no-one will judge. Secondly, joggers can pair with almost everything that’s already in your baby’s closet. If your child doesn’t want to wear real pants, it’s time you get himsome jogger pants.

There are plenty of ways you can style these joggers. For starters, an obvious grey or black t-shirt works the best. A pair of casual shoes to keep it simple, subtle, and classy. You may also select a monochrome look by wearing a graphic T-shirt!


The Denim and Shirt combination will never be out of fashion. Whatever the occasion is, your little boy will always enjoy wearing a shirt with jeans. Because sometimes the simplest solutions are the foremost reliable and they’re always before our eyes.

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