• 5 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Children to Choose Their Clothes

    5 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Children to Choose Their Clothes

    If you are observing that your kids' have suddenly become more vocal about their choices, well, this is a good sign as they are growing up and exploring their personalities.  Now, it does not matter if you want to buy them a nice pair of jeans or you are cooking them a nice meal; they will always have an opinion about everything. They will throw...
  • Boys Clothes trends 2020

    Boys Clothes trends 2020

    When it comes to little boys’ outfits, parents become more conscience. For Mom and Dad, it becomes a little difficult to understand what kind of clothing does their boy needs. Today’s generation - boys want their own comfort zone and fashion. Talking about the kids’ fashion, there comes a new style in baby boy’s clothes every year. While it is equally important to pick...
  • Boys clothing for every occasion

    Boys clothing for every occasion

    Appealing and stylish, Kid Studio is the brand for your son. Spruce up your kid's attire with colorful and funky collection of boys wear. The snazzy styles include denims, jeans, trousers, shirts, tshirts, etc. Kids are born to glow and shine and we are here to incorporate more to his personality. Boys T-shirts Boys tshirts at Kid Studio comes in all types of hues,...
  • Boys clothing at Kid Studio

    Boys clothing at Kid Studio

    As a parent, it is ok to go for the simple dressing. What is not ok is what type of fabric you choose. Sometimes even the simple clothing combinations works wonders. How you ask? Read here: Black jeans and white shirt A classic combination which will never go out of trend. But even with such a simple recipe, the ingredients have to be top-notch....
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