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As a parent, it is ok to go for the simple dressing. What is not ok is what type of fabric you choose. Sometimes even the simple clothing combinations works wonders. How you ask?

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Black jeans and white shirt

A classic combination which will never go out of trend. But even with such a simple recipe, the ingredients have to be top-notch. What we mean to say is, the clothes have to be made of good material to look classic and stylish.

Kid Studio is into manufacturing boys clothing that fits your little boy perfectly. While many of you struggle to find the perfect fit, we have variations as per age and size. What we suggest is to avoid vintage versions or anything which is too tight for your child. It can actually make him uncomfortable.

We are the brand that believes in producing high quality, well-proportioned boys wear. As for the T-shirt, we have multiple colored and styled. Trust us your boy will love to wear what Kid Studio has. And the combination of a white shirt and black jeans is just eternal.

Blue jeans and dark t-shirts

Another combination which is meant to steal your hearts (definitely of your little one too!) A lightweight cotton t-shirt is ideal for the spring to summer transition as we offer exceptional styles in a wide array of fabrics, fits, and colorways.

Arguably the perfect downtime piece, it’s important to make your boy love playing games in the outfits. Well, the color combination is hands-down the great, but what we want you to tell is, the fabric is something you will enjoy touching.

On the other hand, it’s easy to customize this look – from a khaki short with a grey t-shirtor black jeans to red shirt/tshirtwith blue denim and a bold colored shirt – all these combinationswork perfectly!

Half sleeved tshirt and shorts

While it could be stating the obvious, a short-sleeved shirt and well-cut shorts are a match made in heaven.

When it comes to style, choose a shirt or tshirtscolor that your boy love. After he will be the one making style statements during the playtime or in the school color dress competition.

Chino shorts are a good compromise between smart and casual and a simple neutral pair in black, beige, or navy will work with almost any short-sleeved shirt, whether printed or plain.

Try navy shorts with a classic white shirt, or stone shorts with an on-trend floral design.

Whatever your style is, Kid Studio is sure to give you the best. Shop for your favorite pair now and look for yourself!

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