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Kids wear - New fashion trend


Hands down! Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. This is because Denim is so versatile and straightforward to style.

Kids feel rebelliously confident while wearing straight fit jeans, a plaid shirt, and boots. We see them wearing a cute top with skinny jeans all day long. On a daily basis of playing around a crisp shirt and slim fits are go-to. This is why we’re so happy to announce the Kidstudio’s denim range in the Lockdown Lottery with buy 2, get 3 free.

With such a versatile range, you cannot choose just one 1 style. Kidstudio designs clothes that suit your child’s lifestyle! We know that you all have moved on from the regular jeans and want to have something different.

As you demand more from our Denim, we have decided to dedicate this season to it. Shop for Demin from Kidstudio to fit your child’s mood. But before that, it’s the time to update your rule book!

Rule #1

Ditch matching tees/tops with denims

Blue tshirts for boysdenim jeans for boys

When you choose kids wear, there has to be a different procedure to follow rather than shopping like adults. Be it girls’ or boys’ tee, avoid flashy decorations, extreme colors, or distressed styles. You can opt for dark indigo which is the most versatile color. But Blue, Dark Grey, and Black can work exceptionally good too. For a far more casual, select subtle colors tee to let the look be the comfortable one!

Rule #2

Cropped Denims with summer dress/t-shirts

dark blue denim jeans for girlsgirls frock summer fashion

Cropped Denim and summer dress is a mix of non-public style but more of a personal taste. If your girl loves to have an individuality, this is a sure hit. It is one of the ways to spruce up the casual ensemble without much effort. All it takes is a little bit of outfit inspiration.

So next time your little girl feeling stumped on what to wear with her favorite pair of jeans, freshen up with summer dress and just combine the both because the cropped flare is love! And the inspirational look is ready!

Rule #3

Denim mini skirt with full sleeve t-shirt

full sleeves pink tshirts for baby girlshort denim skirts for girls

Describing a style for a child is often challenging. They not only need to feel good but also comfortable. And while choosing a dress for them, you should never be frightened of trying new things or letting them wear something which can make a ‘new’ fashion statement. One way to do so is by opting for a Denim skirt and a full sleeve t-shirt because they look too classy. Give the look an update by tucking in the top and adding some platform shoes.

Rule #4

Shirt and Denims

Green shirt for boysformal jeans for boys

The Denim and shirt combination will never be out of fashion. Whatever the occasion it is, your little boy will never regret wearing a white shirt with Denims. The identical rules apply to any color shirt and jeans combo. Because sometimes the simplest solutions are the foremost reliable and that we often forget that they’re always before our eyes.

Your favorite jeans and shirt are a real example of this. Checked shirts at Kidstudio can often be connected with casual outfits. They actually bring a motivating dimension to a look. Looking for something less casual, pick a darker color shirt like Navy Blue.

Rule #5

Denims on Denims

stylished ripped capri for girls

It’s almost impossible to get it wrong with Denim even when we have it in top and bottom both. Go with the distressed Denim (ripped jean shorts or jeans), there is something with it which goes so well with the denim-on-denim look. Don’t be afraid to elevate your little boy’s look with a tuxedo blazer and luxe sandal in case of a girl.

With Kidstudio Denim collection, get a cool and casual vibe. Let your child dress up their look reckoning on their mood.




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