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kids wear - mismatch clothes

Trend Alert: A new trend has been breaking the rules of fashion recently. It has emerged in Indian cinemas and red carpets, challenging the traditional fashion of wearing a matching outfit. And one of the biggest heroes you will observe, who is religious following this trend is – none other than, our very own Ranveer Singh!

With such a popular and rule-breaking trend-making way to our youngsters, how can kids be left out from it? Remember, the term for this fashion is a purposeful mismatch. You purposefully have to wear pairs of seemingly unmatched clothes and accessories. Do not worry about your kid looking ‘the odd one out.’ It has indeed become a thing today. Forget about being so sophisticated, let’s loosen our style!

This article by Kidstudio is an attempt to help you get a strikingly impressive closet with a unique set of clothes that can be worn with confidence and self-assuredness even if the pairs aren’t matching. Let’s check out some classy combination of tees and bottoms for baby girls and boys to slay their look and bring out the outfit inspirations to the world.

Here, have a look at our ideas:

boys tshirtboys printed joggers

Green and Blue! Mismatching colors is also the vogue. Combine floral and graphics prints in red, beige and pink to attain a gorgeous city-girl look for your baby girl. Give her the complete-featured mixed textures and for that, snakeskin boot is a perfect accessory.

maps boys tshirtkids bermuda

For your baby boy, combine clashing prints tshirt and bottom are enough to make a fashion statement. Focus more on prints of forest or travel patterns and odd colors (not very much used). The purposeful mismatching gives an aura of sophistication that enhances the light-hearted vibe for your child, and he is going to love it, for sure!

kids shirtsboys pants

One of the best ways to implement this trend is to let your child choose clothes for him. Let them mix their favorite patterns, colors, styles or shades any way they like. It’s dress-up time.

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