How to Store & Organize Kid's Clothing – Ultimate Guide

How to Store & Organize Kid's Clothing

Being a mother, you face lots of challenges in day-to-day life, and these challenges increase tenfold if you are a working mother. But you do not have to worry. All you need is perfect time management so that you will do efficient and fruitful things in less time.

In this article, we are going to focus on one of the biggest messy things: Your kid's clothing, and how to organize and store them.

How to Organize Kid's Clothing

Online shopping of kid's clothing has made our job easier to select and buy clothes for our kids. But whether you are working or non-working woman, whether your baby is dependent or independent all faces the same problem of how to organize and store their clothing's in less time?

So, here are some tips and tricks to organize your Kid's Clothing’s in less time and money in just 10 easy steps.

Exclusive Hacks & Tips to Setup Kid's Wardrobe

  1. First, take everything out of the closet and sort according to what stays and what goes.
  2. Make a section on the upper part of the closet using cardboard to store outgrown child clothes that are not useful anymore, you can also donate them to needy people.
  3. Pair up a matching outfit and hang them on one hanger.
  4. Keep seasonal clothes that your kid is actively using in the most convenient section of the closet where it is easy to grab them.
  5. Keep aside the clothes that your kids are not going to use frequently like designer clothes in the unused area on the upper side.
  6. You can use storage boxes to your advantage. You can add a storage box to drawers or closets to keep items separate. They are perfect for socks, underwear, hanky's, and other random accessories.
  7. By keeping Pyjamas and other folded items vertically by adding divider, can save your time and you will not mess up while grabbing them.
  8. Make a separate section to keep the pair of shoes sandals and flipflops at the end of the closet.
  9. Remaining part of the closet can cover your child's games, soft toys etc.
  10. Do not forget, you can even use doors of the closet to tie belt, scarfs and rubber bands using hooks.

kids wardrobe

Do not rush into anything. Take your time to arrange all the things in a thoughtful way and according to you and your kid's convenience, and see you are finished!

Pro Tip to Setup Your Kid's Wardrobe

Organizing your kid's clothes is a big task, especially if you are holding the clothes to pass down to the younger sibling. Take time at least twice a year to audit your closets and organize your Kid's clothes.

This way you can save the unnecessary waste of time and your kids will also learn to keep their closet organized all the time. And since You know you are going to look at every single piece of cloth twice a year, there is no reason to complicate the sorting, labeling, or organizing system. By keeping in contact with every cloth of your kid's, you can also save money by not spending it on an unnecessary repeating of clothes.

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