What kids should wear during monsoon?


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Monsoon has acquired your door and summers are gone. And who loves this season more than anything – of course kids. While they will splash the water, get wet in the rain and play in mud, it is somewhat our responsibility to prepare for the monsoon dressing of our child.

We feel that we must keep them indoors but they get irritated if kept indoors for long hours. So rather to keep them inside, you should consider that theydress properly and allow them to go. Dress them in such a way that they enjoy the rain without ruining the clothes.

They must be properly covered while leaving home. They're kids and that they just want to play so you would like to watch out for his or her dressing and clothing. Some kids wear that you just can put onto them for safeguarding them from cold or germs while playing in rain are:

Shorts and pants

The other important thing is to buy waterproof pants. once you buy a raincoat, you'll get waterproof pants additionally. The pants color is often bought to match the raincoat color. The pants must be enough wide to be comfortably fit with the children's dress. So, it should be easily suspended. You'll search on the Internet the combos of both raincoat and pants otherwise you can also buy separately.

Tops and tees

Tops and tees are all time favourite clothing and is loved by every kid. You canget many options from Kidstudio's online store and team it up with short, flowy skirts. You can either choose printed clothes or choose contrasting tops and bottoms for a spunky look.

Denim shorts

The monsoon season can get funny sometimes. One minute it’s blazing hot and the next it’s pouring cats and dogs. Rains are messy and sometimes cold. So, what your kid needs could be a work-around for these possibilities. We suggest you select denim pants or shorts during the monsoon. They're not only comfortable but also can keep your kid warm when there’s a downpour. Pair these up with bright-colored jackets to for the gloomy weather. Also, don’t forget to bring your kids a pair of rain boots, a sturdy umbrella, and a raincoat.

Monsoon kids clothing at Kid Studio

Clothing is the most significant thing in any season to safeguard your kid. Dress up your kids with a loose cotton t-shirt, top, shorts set, skirts, and bottoms made from soft stuff. This can keep your kids comfortable in humid temperature. Children may feel irritated and uncomfortable in tight clothes as they sweat so choose loose kids wear. The clothes mustn't be sticky.

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